Delfia provides development and monetization services for publishers

We cooperate with market leaders and create better solutions for better monetization of applications, extensions, add-ons, software, etc

Speed up your business
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We are an experienced digital marketing agency based in Hong Kong. Our team members know how to monetize your product and give the right impetus to your business. We will learn how to keep track of important indicators of your earnings, traffic and user behavior.

Search monetization

We have various ways to monetize your search, which will allow you to get the maximum revenue from your product or service

Find users

Let more people know about your product. Promotional campaigns will bring you a large number of new users.

We will set up search monetization

Expand the maximum possibilities of the application, browser extensions or web site. This will help you the built-in search box. Every time you search for a user, you’ll make a profit.

We know what it means to have a useful product that doesn’t have the right monetization.

It shouldn’t be!

We help companies from all over the world to grow a favorable audience and earn more money through their products and services.

Our team members are responsive, dedicated and knowledgeable professionals who understand the monetization market well and develop solutions specifically for your purposes.

Delfia Limited

Are you looking for a profitable monetization of your product or service? Try Delfia Limited.

Our solutions were created on the basis of ten years of experience of our team members and customer feedback. Delfia Limited can give you more than you want because we know how to speed up your business.

Our monetization solutions are transparent to customers, attractive to users and optimized for websites, browser extensions, add-ons, software and so on. Just make a small step to start generating profit from your apps.

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